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Upcoming Events

Healing Blessing: 24th of August 2017

Time: 19:30h (door open 19:15)

Location: Bless Temple of Light, Gymnastiekplein 2, The Hague

Free of entrance




Welcome Home! Sathanama is an initiated soul with the task to bring God on Earth. Her task is to awaken God in ourselves and make us consious of the power we have in us.

What or who is God? Do you know? If you haven’t experience Him (I say Him to  give God a personality) How do we know Him? I experienced God since a young age. His energy flew through me and I only could embrace everybody with love: His Love. When that happened, I cried of happiness and joy. His love was full of compassion and forgiviness. At an older age I could see God in everybody. I realized we are made by His image. He is  the divine principle which we are all part of. His love is pure and unconditonal. God doesn’t want anybody to suffer. He wants us to find His divine power in ourselves through the experiences we have. Those experiences make us grow or let us fall, it is up to us how we deal with that. 

She shares her gifts through Healing- Blessings, Lectures, Teachings of the Soul , Meditation, Personal Guidance

 DO YOU KNOW WHAT HOME IS? Feel free to join, Namaste! (I greet God in You)

Sathanama's message about God in you. (youtube)
short version - extended version
Sathanama speaks about Isaia (youtube)